TeleCRM is the best telesales with automatic lead capture, Auto dialer, smart automated followups, detailed employee tracking and call recording.


Introduction to TeleCRM

TeleCRM helps you automate 40% of your calling workflow and beat all slow competitors. Auto Dialer feature empowers you Dial 500 numbers per day + send 1 click WhatsApp, SMS, and Email.

Key Features of TeleCRM

  1. Automatically Capture Incoming Leads
  2. Send Automatic Intro Messages
  3. Assign Leads Automatically
  4. Cutting-edge Auto Dialer
  5. Intuitive Call Feedback Recording
  6. Automatic Call Recording
  7. Schedule Automatic Follow-up Calls
  8. Send Customized Follow-up Messages
  9. Recurring Follow-up Option
  10. Track Employee’s Work
  11. Track Their Time
  12. Get Call Recording for Every Call