Companies invest a lot of time and resources in developing solutions for various business needs. But, with the rapidly advancing technology and the increasing need to make information available in real time across locations and across platforms can create problems. Legacy software may nt be able to meet all the evolving needs.


Our Solutions

Assessment Phase

  1. Analysis of existing systems
  2. Studying existing business processes
  3. Understanding design and identifying functional dependencies
  4. Analyzing functionality of existing systems
  5. Identifying modules that can be retained
  6. Understanding logical flow and functionality of user interfaces

Design Phase and Structured Migration

  1. Designing interfaces to existing reusable modules
  2. Planning for migration of processes
  3. Using a combination of automated and manual migration plans
  4. Designing Proof of Concept for evaluation
  5. Implementing a phased migration plan
  6. Cyclical user testing and reassessment
  7. Preparing Test Cases
  8. Comparison testing of old and new systems
  9. Migrating data, application, system, processes

Post Migration Support

  1. Deployment of new systems and processes
  2. User training
  3. Designing and implementing necessary enhancement
  4. Fine tuning the entire system to ensure smooth operation

The Benefits

  1. Our expertise in analyzing and assessing functionality of legacy systems
  2. Ensuring transfer to high performance technologies and platforms
  3. Optimal reuse of existing resources
  4. Smooth and planned migration process
  5. Retaining vital business processes
  6. Ensuring continuity of workflow
  7. Making the migrations less painful for users
  8. Testing and reassessment at each phase of migration
  9. Support and training at each stage of the process