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Our solution for jewellery retail management is a very practical answer to many questions.It involves making use of both Accounting and Inventory features of Tally.ERP9 and make available a solution that is equally useful for users and management.


Details of the Software

  • Creation of Gold and Silver as stock items with purity
  • Capturing daily rates of these precious metals
  • Purchasing Pure Gold, Readymade (Branded) Jewelry Items
  • Exchanging Old Ornaments / Fine Gold or Silver with New Ornaments
  • Maintain masters of Salespersons as well as Kaarigars for tracking sales and material
  • Multimode sale with Advance Order, Partial Payment, Cash and/or Credit Card Payment
  • Tracking of stock across trays, shelves, stores and kaarigar shops
  • Tracking of payments from Order and Advance Payment to Final payment
  • Calculating commission to be paid to the salespersons
  • Compliance with statutory framework

Features :


  • Maintain Daily Rates
  • Maintain Dealer Purchase
  • Outstanding Payables mgmt.
  • Maintain Rate History

Stock / Inventory

  • Maintain Stock by Type of Ornament, Weight, Purity as well as Trays
  • Maintain stock across multiple outlets
  • Maintain Daily Stock Register for Day End Tallying
  • Maintain Bar Codes
  • Include image of ornament in master
  • Polishing, Melting wastage management

Outsourcing (Jobwork / Karigar)

  • Send stock to external KARIGAR for working
  • Keep track of stock across multiple Karigars
  • Maintain labour charges records as per item/weight


  • Proper Integration of Inventory and accounts
  • Proper book keeping till finalization of accounts
  • Strong Banking Module
  • Finalisation statements like Balance Sheet, P & L


  • Create Estimate Memo (Quotation)
  • Handling Customer Order Management
  • Buy old ornaments for exchange
  • Indicate old items exchange value in sale invoice
  • Handle sale by CASH or CREDIT CARD or BOTH
  • Customer pending order status
  • Daily cash sales register
  • Integrate Bar Code
  • Include Making Charges as per Item/Weight


  • Salesperson performance and commission
  • Daily item verification statement
  • Cash Flow/Fund Flow, Cash Flow Projection


  • As Tally is the platform for working, no need to maintain two software solutions; one for Business Processes and other for
  • Accounts and Taxation. You get everything together.
  • All the major functions of the jewellery retail business are covered.
  • Easy to learn as menu is reduced to bare minimum for the end user
  • A better control on Inventory is possible because traceability up to the smallest unit with its location is available
  • Even in case of multi showroom business consolidation at H.O. level is possible.
  • Accounts, Inventory, Statutory and MIS go Hand in Hand

Office Location : Mumbai

Source : http://www.tallyworld.com





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