SUMMIT is a thoughtfully designed platform that is built ground up to leverage some of the latest advancements in technology making it truly the industry’s most advanced platform.


Operational Intelligence: Operational Intelligence is SUMMIT’s unique approach of correlating data from disparate systems to develop a situational awareness that helps transform IT support.

Runbook Automation: SUMMIT’s flexible and comprehensive Runbook Automation (RBA) engine can help automate many of the routine tasks and processes thereby freeing the analysts’ time for more complex issues.

Gamification: SUMMIT’s Gamification solution has been designed thoughtfully to build a workplace that is more competitive and fun for the IT operations team.

Mobility Integration: SUMMIT is designed for the mobile era and comes with feature-rich mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms that give end users and IT staff access to the SUMMIT platform on an anywhere, anytime basis.

Application Control: SUMMIT’s Application Control technology for IT Asset Management handles compliance issues at the root by helping IT administrators block installation and execution of unauthorized software and applications both on & off ‘network.

Endpoint Compliance Monitoring & Enforcement: SUMMIT addresses the complex issue of Endpoint Compliance through a rich IT Asset agent that can be configured to monitor 200+ critical endpoint parameters in addition to asset parameters.