STERNA Travel suite


The STERNA suite of products gives on-line travel agencies a customizable and flexible platform which allows them connect on line with their clients and third party providers.


The travel industry is very dynamic and constantly evolving. There is no “one-size fits all” solution. Service providers are constantly innovating to ensure better service to the consumer while keeping costs low and increased profitability.The STERNA suite of products offers online travel companies a customizable and flexible platform which helps them connect online with their consumers and 3rd party providers.

It is a robust many-to-many platform that helps companies provide a dynamic packaged solution to the consumer. With the STERNA suite of products you will be able to:

  1. Integrate with GDS for hotels
  2. Integrate with GDS for airline information
  3. Integrate with consolidators (hotels / cars / tours / cruises)
  4. Ability to manage your own contracted inventory of property and tours
  5. Ability to manage booking through the mid office application
  6. Back office application to update information
  7. Standard & customizable reporting
  8. Customizable Loyalty programs