SmashFly recruitment marketing platform integrates Artificial Intelligence, CRM, career site, events, and analytics — a smarter, seamless experience.


Introduction to SmashFly recruitment marketing platform

Smashfly Recruitment Marketing Platform enables you to master of attracting and hiring the best talent by marketing your company brand and jobs through every recruiting channel, creating and nurturing relationships quickly so you are  always ready to hire, and measuring every aspects in the candidate journey so you can better invest your resources.

Our software especially integrates recruitment CRM, employee referrals, job marketing, career site, employer brand management, mobile recruiting, social recruiting, web sourcing,  email marketing, initiative recruiting and events and recruiting analytics in one, integrated SaaS solution.

Key features of our recruitment CRM

  1. Pipeline Intelligence
  2. Automated Sourcing
  3. Talent Discovery
  4. Data Enrichment
  5. Email Campaign Editor
  6. Talent Networks and Nurture
  7. Real-Time Talent Intelligence
  8. Internal Mobility
  9. Campus and Events