Smart Care


The SmartCare application is Meaningful Use certified and is deployed in a live environment at all service levels. These include inpatient, outpatient, intensive-outpatient and residential, as well as functionality for e-prescribing, primary care services and electronic communication with other providers via Continuity of Care Documents (CCD).


Key Features

  1. Fully browser-based Electronic Health Record (no applets, plug-ins or middleware)
  2. Stage 2 Meaningful Use Certified (2014) for ambulatory and inpatient settings
  3. A hosting infrastructure that maintains training, development and live environments
  4. Core Outpatient, Intensive-outpatient, Residential, Inpatient including white and bed board functionality as well as OE/EMAR functionality
  5. Primary Care application that’s integrated into the platform and includes E&M coding
  6. SureScripts certified e-prescribing system
  7. Fully integrated clinical and HIPAA compliant medical billing system
  8. Dashboards and alert systems for internal communication
  9. Both laboratory and pharmacy interface (HL7) functionality as well as other outside systems such as general ledger systems
  10. Full billing system for Medicaid, Medicare, grants, capitated and commercial plans
  11. Full Managed Care Organization functionality to manage, communicate and/or pay external contracted service providers or designated collaborating organizations (DCOs)
  12. Integrated point of service (POS) and batch scanning functionality
  13. Mobile online/offline application used to track and manage service activities in the community
  14. A data warehouse built on the concepts set forth by Kimball and Ross designed to maximize reporting of large data efficiently
  15. Open architecture for flexibility to support all forms electronically as well as custom data conversions
  16. 24/7 support services with integrated account management