SkoolApp is integrated school management software which manages students, parents, teachers and staff in a single window.


Introduction to SkoolApp

SkoolApp is integrated School Management Software which is available through both web and Mobile App. It gives huge advantages to School, Teachers, Guardians and Students. It offers real time communication between people in the school and store data securely on the cloud. You can access this information on the go.

Outstanding Features Of School Management Software

For School

  1. Manage Students and Staff Attendance with ID Cards
  2. Manage Fees, Expenses Salaries and Leaves
  3. Publish Parents Information documents, Campus Information and School Policies
  4. Publish School Activities and Events Calendar
  5. Manage Campus, Resources and Library
  6. Transport and School Bus Management
  7. Manage Payments Integration
  8. Alerts, Reminders, Notifications, SMS, Newsletters, Pictures and Video
  9. Publish NOC and Consent Forms
  10. Manage Suppliers, Visitors and Future Students

For Teachers

  1. Exams and Report Cards
  2. Send Home and Class Assignments
  3. Manage Parents and Students Questions and Queries
  4. Plan and Setup Curriculum, Class Schedule and Exams
  5. Setup / View Parent Teacher Meeting
  6. Take Student Attendance
  7. Send Daily Class Notes

For Parents

  1. Submit NOC and other eForms
  2. Pay Fees and Other Charges
  3. Book Appointments with Teachers and School Administration
  4. View Full 360 degree view of the child
  5. View Real Time Information All At One Place
  6. Ask questions / queries from teachers or school administration

For students

  1. Ask Question / Queries from Teachers
  2. Submit Absence Note
  3. Submit Home and Class Assignments
  4. Book Sports, Extra Curricular and Extra Classes all at one place
  5. Receive notifications and reminders in real time