Simppler recruiting software powers employee referral hiring, heading to faster & more cost effective hiring, better business performance and lower attrition rate.


Introduction to Simppler referral hiring software

Simppler is a leading employee referral software created by the best data scientists. You can find best talents through your existing employee network and restore the ‘human’​ element to hiring.

Simppler has designed  advanced machine-learning referral tool to enable organization discover the best candidate. Employees can now assist hiring teams get the best talent by endorsing people in their social, professional, and academic networks–bringing that much-needed ‘human’​ element to the recruitment process.

Key features of employee referral tool

  1. Machine learning driven referral recommendations
  2. Layer on additional referral rewards with campaigns
  3. Predicted likelihood of employee knowing the candidate
  4. Keep employees coming back with highly personalized email
  5. Integrate with top ATS, HRIS, or CRMs using a two-way sync
  6. Dedicated customer success managers guide the onboarding experience
  7. Referrals end up in one easy-to-manage location
  8. Single Sign On (SSO) designed for easy roll-out and adoption
  9. Upload job descriptions directly from your ATS
  10. Proactively source referrals from your employee’s network
  11. Make warm, informed contact directly from the Simppler platform
  12. Filters by open positions, skills, education, or past companies
  13. Customize candidate outreach emails with pre-loaded templates

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