Signal Hub™ | Data Analytics


Signal Hub™, the company’s flagship technology platform, extracts and applies insights from the most complex data environments to address multiple business problems and opportunities, accelerating targeted business actions and radically reducing time-to-value.


Key features and functionality

  1. Ingests data (structured, unstructured, semi-structured) from myriad internal and external sources
  2. Prepares data with automated workflows that accelerate data intake, perform initial quality checks, automatically profile data, cleanse and normalize data, and perform ETLT in a flexible manner
  3. Generates descriptive Signals via the Signal API, which enables the aggregation, analysis, and manipulation of data
  4. Generates predictive Signals via a wide range of analytic techniques, including those involving deep-learning neural networks
  5. Supports easy discovery, exploration, and use of Signals via a powerful and flexible semantic layer that feeds an intuitive, interactive Signal management system
  6. Allows analytic components and Signals to be used multiple times across use cases and organizational entities within the business, eliminating time-consuming and repetitive data preparation activities
  7. Delivers analytic intelligence via Web service APIs or batch transfer directly into execution systems and enterprise application systems
  8. Enables an end-to-end business process for testing and learning within a closed-loop IT environment

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