ShipHero is a cloud based 3PL WMS optimized inventory management system for eCommerce. It helps you in inventory management, pick & pack, returns, shipping.


Introduction to ShipHero

ShipHero is an all-in-one Inventory Management Software for inventory, smarter shipping, faster batch picking and easier returns. Our Inventory software offers all the functionality of a sophisticated warehouse management system, with advanced order management, automation and mobility.

Key features of our Inventory Software

  1. Reorder Management
  2. Multi-Channel Management
  3. Manufacturing Inventory Management
  4. Supplier Management
  5. Retail Inventory Management
  6. Product Identification
  7. Alerts/Notifications
  8. Mobile Access
  9. Warehouse Management
  10. Reporting/Analytics
  11. Inventory Optimization
  12. Forecasting