Semidot Infotech


A pharmacy management software is intended to ease out the messy work of pharmacy workers and owners. The standard operations of a pharmacy chain and store may have many glitches and human-generated errors. 


Custom Pharmacy Management Software delivers the optimum level of customer care and business benefits. It can maximize profits and spend more opportunities for generating business. There is a number of benefits associated with the pharmacy software.

Features of our custom software

  1. Flexibility of customization
  2. Low-cost ownership
  3. Better productivity and increased profitability
  4. Wide range of modules for different login
  5. Privilege management for different roles
  6. Barcode scanner integration
  7. Database update
  8. Increase sales
  9. Expiry date alert for all drugs
  10. Better decision making according to trends
  11. Centralized data storage with fast retrieval
  12. Better drug to drug interaction knowledge
  13. Simple and user-friendly UI
  14. Technology stack for pharmacy management software