SchoolTime is revolutionary student information system deigned to solve the tedious process of school. This ERP is trusted by schools worldwide and listed among top 100.


Introduction to SchoolTime

SchoolTime is a School Management Software created by STPL Global in view of advancement. The product has assumed control over the universe of education by a tempest and has additionally set a case of how an ERP framework can be created. Recorded among the world’s Top 100 #edtech Brands, this Student Information System is reforming the manner in which educational organizations access and utilize robotization.

Features of SchoolTime

Information Visualization of your Institution’s Performance

Insightfully structured Analytics Dashboards give you simple understanding of complex information of your foundation. SchoolTime catches and produces heaps of information from your School’s ordinary activities. Imagining these information in visual diagrams and graphs give you excellent insights like never before.

Total Visibility into Income and Expenses

An itemized bookkeeping framework naturally produces visual elucidation of your School’s Incomes and Expenses. Open just by your Accountant’s secured account, get ongoing data about your Institutions Financial execution. Take educated decisions.

Secured Portal for Students, Parents, Teachers, Accountants and Administrator

Some portion of the Unified Communications procedure, SchoolTime gives 24×7 access to pre recognized data to various sorts of users Students, Parents, Teachers, Accountants and Administrators.

Out of the Box Flexibility for all Grading Type from School Management System

Our specialists have contemplated in detail a wide range of Grading Systems followed in any piece of the world, and planned the module to empower arrangement of any Grading framework pursued by your Institution. The main SIS which can oblige any intricacy in Grades and results handling. SchoolTime’s one of a kind and exclusive Formulator enables you to yourself reproduce your guidelines for students grades estimations.