Saral Petrofin


Saral Petrofin Fuel Station Management software deal with your bookkeeping system at fuel stations. A simple and powerful system deals with the total billing soltions of an oil station. The thickness of the fuel in the Petrol Tanker on accepting the fuel and at the tank introduced in the Station can be recorded, precisely.


Fuel Station Management Software

Saral Petrofin Fuel Station Management Software offers ultimate solutions to manage fuel station.

Most capable software with a lot of choices

  1. Exhaustive Accounting and Billing
  2. Touch Screen and Barcode empowered
  3. Print in Dot Matrix, Laser Jet and Bill printer
  4. Thickness Measurement
  5. Plunge and Meter Reading and Inspection Report
  6. Inbuilt SMS and Email office
  7. Ready framework and remote checking

Key features of the software

  1. Plunge Reading and Volume Calculation by cutting edge procedure
  2. Fuel Density Measurment
  3. Meter Reading
  4. Brisk Bill
  5. Receipt with Credit and Cash Sales
  6. Stock with different blends
  7. Gathering shrewd deals with different blends like Vehicle and Bill and so on.
  8. Extraordinary with different parameters
  9. Examination subtle elements
  10. Modified bill designs



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