Sales Force Automation


Himalayan IT Solutions is a complete IT solutions provides qualitative sales force automation application across the globe. We are Delhi based organization and assist our international clients along with national clients. We are a leading provider of different sales force automation app. We are having a skilled, dedicated and strong team of developers who develop this software.


We design and develop worth sales automation software according to the need of clients. We only develop software after analysing the market and its demand. We have a giant and strong team of developers who fabricate amazing sales automation software exactly what client needs. Our hard working team sometimes work round a clock if you need it on urgent priority.

Key Features

  1. Opportunity tracking
  2. Core functionality
  3. Sales strategy
  4. Account configuration management
  5. Lead tracking and distribution
  6. Quote management
  7. Design customer satisfaction
  8. Sales application
  9. Technical functionality
  10. Analytics and reporting