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ERP for dairy and ice-cream Industry is a powerful tool for businesses in the said domain. From keeping record of the hundreds and thousands of transactions to identifying better SCM (supply chain management) practice, an enterprise resource planning or ERP software can prove to be a boon for businesses operating in the ice-cream and dairy industry.


How Sage 300 ERP Software can be beneficial for the ice-cream and dairy industry?

  1. Asset Management: As in any other industry, infrastructure and assets are very important for dairy and ice-cream industry, since the products need to be preserved at a certain temperature to avoid spoilage, be it in the facility or in-transit. These assets, be it machines, delivery vans or storage compartments need to be functioning at their optimum. Sudden breakdowns cannot be accepted, since they can disrupt the overall process and affect the revenue. With Sage 300, you can manage your assets along with planning for downtimes and maintenance. The software helps you take care of your assets and increase their lifespan.
  1. Purchase and Inventory: Purchase details, accounts receivable and payable can be managed from one platform for all your branches and distribution facilities with Sage 300. This helps the accounts team to work faster, as they can collect data from all branches from a single platform. With interactive dashboards and easy navigations, the management can access revenue data from anywhere and any device. Likewise, management of inventory with batch details becomes easier. With barcode integration, manual feeding of data can be avoided and the data becomes available in the system immediately.
  1. Compliances: For every food and pharma business, it is imperative to stay compliant with certain regulations. Sage 300 helps you to be complaint by integrating all those processes of inspection, supervision and reporting. With digital signatures, it becomes easy to access and approve reports.
  1. Reports: Generate sales order, MIS reports, bank reports, etc. from anywhere and any device. Sage 300’s interactive dashboard helps you get actionable data, all with a few clicks only. It also provides utility reports as per client’s requirements, so the user can import or export bulk volumes of data along with freedom to customize. Sage 300 is also useful for tracking payment entries and receipts. You can set up notifications and alerts to remind about important tasks.
  1. Security: Sage 300 secures your data with the option to grant access to employees for particular data so that it cannot be accessed by anyone other than the assigned personnel. This helps in smooth transition of data, since everything is available in the system itself along with documents, proposals and communications sent.

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