SAFSMS is integrated school ERP software. This school automation tool has in built accounting management. This ERP is designed by FlexiSaf.


Introduction to SAFSMS

SAFSMS is a full-scale school management software. With completely incorporated school bookkeeping software, alongside useful tools intended to streamline regulatory procedures, enhance parent and students commitment, and decrease remaining burdens.

Why SAFSMS School Management ERP?

  1. Improve Students’ Learning
  2. Enhance parent’s engagement
  3. Reduce cost and raise financial efficiency
  4. Improve staff productivity

Features of the school automation tool

  1. Dashboard : See real time updates across school with ground-breaking information analysis staff and students populace, funds, participation, occasions and gatherings.
  2. Fund Management : Simple planning and spending examination. petty cash, record, consumption and income reports. Financial reconciliation .
  3. Academic Overview : Incredible outcome examination. See generally speaking execution initially.
  4. Stores Management
  5. Clinic Management
  6. Advancement Management : Utilize every single conceivable mix of criteria like the required normal, least grades in various subjects and additionally coherent blends of subject gatherings.
  7. Assessment Management : Have boundless adaptability in making your appraisal arrangements to be utilized by various areas to registers files, translate and relegate review.