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Performance Reviews

Let Reviewsnap help make your performance reviews a smooth and rewarding process with our Web-based solution designed to drive exceptional results from your staff. Our fully automated and flexible performance review software makes employee performance appraisals more strategic leading to better and more timely reviews, less frustration, and increased engagement.

Reviewsnap is user-friendly and virtually maintenance-free with no software to load on your end. Let us help your company:

  • Automate and streamline the performance review process
  • Ensure timely completion of reviews
  • Implement a customized performance review solution reflective of your organization’s mission
  • Accurately align goals for the company
  • Keep employees engaged in their jobs and projects

360 Degree Feedback

With Reviewsnap’s 360-degree feedback software, your employees gain various insights on their work performance. Your staff members get detailed feedback from managers, as well as colleagues, providing a versatile but constructive look at his or her progress.

Our 360-degree feedback solution includes unlimited anonymous surveys allowing for numerous reviews on employee performance, automatic notifications that act as reminders for upcoming or past due surveys, a statistical dashboard offering real-time graphics, numbers and feedback on the company’s strengths and weaknesses, and full administrative control over any 360-degree survey, which includes selecting who can rate an employee and the duration of a survey duration.

Compensation Dashboard

Don’t lose top performers over a compensation model that isn’t clearly communicated. Use Reviewsnap to:
● Attract, engage and retain high performers
● Automate compensation calculations
● Align salary history, performance appraisal data and competitive compensation strategies
● Accelerate efficiency with managers, admins and key decision makers


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