ANV Retail Management Software is an entire Retail Store and Chain System that offers of Super market and retailers the total arrangements purpose of-offer arrangement that can be typically to meets on exceptional retail location prerequisites.


Advantages of ANV Retail Management Software

This capable Windows based and Web based Retail Management Software solutions mechanizes POS framework procedures and store administration, gives incorporated control to Whole Sale Distribution and Supermarket, and coordinates with other higher Windows based applications. Our Retail Windows Based Software is outline on most progressive and demonstrated Microsoft. Net Platform with SQL server as backend and is able to utilize any Operating System Plate shape.

Our Software is available for following Stores:

  1. Gift Store.
  2. Distribution Management.
  3. Furnishing Store.
  4. Jewellery store.
  5. Pharma Store.
  6. Homeopathy Store.
  7. Spors Store.
  8. Book Store.
  9. Sanitary Hardware Store.
  10. Electronic Store.
  11. Restaurant.
  12. Retail Chain Store.
  13. Mobile Store.
  14. Readymade Garment Store.
  15. Auto Parts Store.

Software Feature

  1. Salesman / Route / Area Wise Bills & Reports
  2. Product Search Option on Billing
  3. Auto Calculation of Levies & no Chance of Manual Mistake
  4. Sales Return & Replacement on Sale Bill
  5. Provision to Load Item from Other Bill
  6. Godown Wise Billing & Stock Retailition
  7. Display last Deal at the Time of Billing
  8. Bill Import / Export & Message on Bill
  9. Counter Sale Entry Provision
  10. Switch Over from Bill to Bill Anywhere
  11. Back Date Stock Retailition at the Time of Billing
  12. Party History Dashboard on Party Selection
  13. Multi Payment Option
  14. View O/s Stock, Ledger. Last Deal of Sale & Purchase Returns, Receipt Payment Bill Modification at the Time of Billing
  15. Multi Rate, Price List, & Discount
  16. Party Wise Rate, Discount and Scheme
  17. Sales Return on Same / Separate Bill & Its Adjustment




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