RentProXL™ | Car Rental Software


CarPro’s new generation browser based technology enables you to convert information into knowledge.


RentProXL Features:

  • Your business at a glance on your dashboard – the ‘Real Time’ approach
  • Online display of operational and projected vehicle utilization
  • Online display of fleet status for ongoing vehicle tracking and control
  • Online display of available (ready) vehicles for rapid response to market demands and quick reaction to troubleshooting
  • Pro-active approach to all items requiring action such as overdue vehicles, pre-closed agreements, authorizations, security deposits etc.
  • Easy to use intuitive business oriented navigation with streamlined processes and built-in quick accesses provided by a new comprehensive search engine with improved sort capabilities and artificial intelligence
  • Online analysis and and reporting based on CarPro’s customized Intelliview report generator
    Web-enabled technology reduces hardware and communications costs

Office Location – Pune

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