RCS Global Limited is India’s emerging  IT System Integration company, with a strong legacy and over 12 years of experience in this domain, RCS offers System Integration services as a single-window turnkey solution, that integrate best-in-class products and solutions to meet the business needs of enterprise.


The challenges of IT system integration have grown over years with increasing complexities in IT technologies, products and solutions. The technology specialization of diverse set of manufacturers in distinct products and solutions- PCs, servers, networking, OS, middleware and application software has resulted in solutions which call for great expertise in ensuring mutual compatibility and interoperability to function as a single cohesive IT Infrastructure BPO unit, meeting the requirements of an enterprise. These complexities have further necessitated the need for an experienced integrator who understands and is familiar with all these diverse solutions.

RCS’s focus on research and development enables the company to collaborate with enterprises in creating an integrated, enterprise-wide IT platform that has the advantages of:

RCS has a strong backbone of expertise in System Integration and is therefore equipped to collaborate with enterprises to create an integrated IT platform that

  1. Has a scalable architecture and performs at optimal levels
  2. Has conformity with the desired standards for security, reliability and availability
  3. Provides the right choices in technology, product and solutions
  4. Completely integrates existing systems with new technologies