QuickReviewer is a cloud based collaborative review tool for designs and creatives. A number of customers in a wide range of industries use QuickReviewer to streamline their review and approval process. 


Key Features

Collaborative Review
Give your internal and offsite teams the ability to provide feedback by commenting directly on the shared file in parallel. Reviewers can collaborate in real time and see each others comments and mark ups. Reduce dependency on emails and the need to toggle between multiple files to see reviews.

Powerful Commenting
Highlight text, search, strike-through or add comments. Each reviewer gets their own colour code so you can easily identify who made which comment. View feedback by user or by page to make changes faster.Reply to comments and reduce conflicting feedback with less review cycles and fewer revisions.

File Handling
Share documents and images. Give reviewers access to view or add comments. Version control lets you see old feedback and confirm changes. Share files forward to include other stakeholders in the review process.No need to go back and forth between multiple files to find the latest reviews. The flexibility to include external reviewers helps improve project quality while keeping them in the same review environment.

Tracking multiple reviews, follow ups and delays can be a nightmare. Email being the de-facto mode of review, very often leads to misinterpretation of comments when reviews are not included in the file. Collaborative review features of QuickReviewer lets you give clearer feedback and reduce the dreaded approval cycle by upto 66%, quickens file access by upto 36% and speeds up your overall time to market by upto 31%.

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