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Evolution comes as a part and parcel to all businesses. With fast changing technology, the need to have a reliable and robust system to obtain customer satisfaction has become essential for business to thrive. Enterprises are rapidly opting for application migration to achieve this and their long term future goals.


Application migration & Migration & re-engineering services include:

  1. Migration Assessment: Application rationalization, inventory identification, migration strategy definition, migration roadmap definition, optional POC
  2. Application Porting: Port an application to a new operating system or database
  3. Application Upgrade (within same operating environment): Language version, OS version, database version, IDE/tools version, product scripting
  4. ApplicationMigration & re-engineering for new/improved business functionality and operation: Reverse engineering, POC (recommended), partial or full redevelopment, warranty support, optional maintenance support
  5. Data Migration: Schema translation, data migration, data cleansing
  6. Technology Migration: Language migration, OS migration, database migration, user interface migration

Application Migration – The benefits:

  1. Provides extended ROI in mission critical applications
  2. Significantly lower total costs and lower risks
  3. Your core applications are poised, before and after migration, to take advantage of a vast range of modern technologies
  4. Simply the most flexible, cost-effective, fastest and minimum risk migration solution.