SUMMIT Project Management is a single and comprehensive platform that gives your organization a 360-degree view of project execution and its implications on IT infrastructure. Dashboards and charts allow comparisons, provide visibility and enhance communication. This paves the way for faster, intuitive and more accurate decision making. Staying on track is also made easier with a project’s status being accessible to you from any place at any time.


Main Benefits

  1. Provides integrated reporting simultaneously with a comparative view of various operational management aspects in an IT environment.
  2. Increases visibility through dynamic drill-down reporting.
  3. Streamlines project performance with the use of timesheets that allow time tracking and billing.
  4. Enables effective categorization, organization and assigning of activities to assist proper schedules and an uninterrupted workflow.

Key Features

  1. Project lifecycle management
  2. Wizard-based project creation
  3. Project task and activity management
  4. Automatic email notification
  5. Microsoft Project Integration
  6. Project reporting
  7. Time tracking and billing




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