Process Director is an award-winning business process management software platform built by BPLogix. It is a low-code solution of choice for companies.


Introduction to Process Director Business Process Management Software

Process Director  BPM Software, a leading, Artificial Intelligence powered, low-code development platform that enables enterprise digital transformation, empowering organization leaders to rapidly develop, deploy, and enhance critical digital applications with no programming skill needed. Companies worldwide rely heavily on BP Logix software & services as their digital benefit as they achieve new benchmarks for market agility, customer engagement, and regulatory compliance.

Key features of Business Process Modeling Software

  1. Robust & intelligent BPM engine
  2.  Intuitive, no-programming-required graphical configuration of your complete application, from user interface to process behavior, data transformation, reporting etc
  3. Seamless integration with data streams produced by the Internet of Things
  4. Advanced suite of AI tools you can leverage in your own applications
  5. Consolidated platform for all work styles, including case management as well as applications driven by time, events, rules, human decisions, or other factors
  6. Abundant out-of-the-box application, data, and protocol connectors
  7. Powerful and Integrated security and compliance, at every level