Prêtture is a leading cloud solution which helps you manage & track your orders, real-time inventory, production & raw material management.


Introduction to Pretture

Pretture helps small to mid sized manufacturers by providing real time inventory tracking for their raw material, work-in-progress, wastage and finished goods.

Key Features of Pretture

  1. Raw material inventory
  2. Work-in-progress inventory
  3. In-Process, completed, approved, rejected or wasted inventory
  4. Finished goods inventory
  5. Track what all job works are pending
  6. Complete the job-works fully or in parts
  7. Give access to track and complete the job work to the jobber directly
  8. Track consumption and wastage cost
  9. Track process cost
  10. Track work-in-progress or finished goods cost
  11. Auto BOM (Bill of Material)
  12. Alerts for overdue job works
  13. Alerts for pending purchase orders
  14. Performance Analysis