Prestashop B2B


Addify is a premium E-commerce plugin development company which have been developing plugins for E-commerce platforms like Magento 2, Prestashop, woocommerce, and WordPress.


Introduction to Prestashop B2B

Prestashop is an e-trade extension platform that covers an extensive kind of advanced e-trade markets. At addify, we expand first-class, top-notch Prestashop modules. Addify has been growing add-ons, extensions, and modules for a while and gives its clients top-rate nice merchandise with an amazing customer. One of our gold standard Prestashop modules is Prestashop B2B & Wholesale which has the amazing capability and particular characteristics from online wholesalers.


  1. A complete quotation management system
  2. Add quote button for all or specific products, categories and customer groups
  3. Hide price and add to cart button
  4. Allow customers to submit quotations with offered price
  5. Adjust pricing and send direct cart link to convert quote into order
  6. Redirect after Registration, Login & Logout
  7. Add redirect links based on customer groups
  8. Tax Exempt specific customers and custom groups
  9. Enable tax request form to let customers submit exemption requests
  10. Restrict products, categories and pages by customer groups