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For easy management and real-time valuation of your trading and stock portfolios.Portfolios can include stocks, derivatives and fund shares.HyperSoft PMS is designed by India ‘s leading stockbroker back-office software vendor.



  • Track stocks, Investments in IPOs, FDs, etc – Tracking of Maturity and Premium Dates
  • Transactions can be entered manually or retrieved directly from your broker’s database.
  • Tracking of Unlimited number of Portfolios.
  • Reports on Various Portfolios
  • Retrieving Transactions: Retrieve Transactions Directly from your Broker’s database using            backoffice web login or get extracted & e-mail from broker’s backoffice.
  • Retrieving transactions makes keeping your records updated easy.
  • Real-Time valuation of stock with refresh interval setting.
  • Real-Time comparison with BSE & NSE rate and exchange-wise % of change since last trading day.
  • Automated Price Updates using bhav copy – Retrieve daily and historical closing prices from exchange’s website
  • Capital Gains Reporting – Supports for Summary or Detailed Capital Gains Report with short-Term, Long-Term, Speculation, Portfolio Value, Negative Balances , Financials and Stock watch.
  • Report Publishing Support – All Reports can. be exported to Excel or text formats.
  • Graphing – Extensive graph options allow you to view your portfolios in a variety of ways. Compare performance and gain insight into your positions. Industry wise (sector wise) Graphs.

Modules of the PMS Software :-

1) Masters : Enter Investor Details, Accounts, Opening Balances, Investor,  Brokerage Rates, Market Types, Scrips, & Stock watch entry etc

2) Settlement Dates with NSE ND / Record / Bk Closure Dates, Closing Rates, Deposit Types

3) DailyProcess : Trade entry, Billing, DC / Acknowledgement, closing rate capture from NSE & BSE bhav copies, remove trades, cancel bills and Import Trades retrieved in a file from Broker’s backoffice.

4) Cash/Bank Entry : Enter Funds Payin/Payout as Cash Payment, Cash Receipt, Bank Payment, Bank Receipt, JV, Funds Transfer Voucher.

5) SaudaReports with Sauda Book, Party Scrip Ledger, Scrip Ledger, & Financial Ledger etc.,

6) FinReports with List of Accounts, DC/Bill Register, Cash/Bank Book, Bank Reconciliation Statement, Journal, General Ledger, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet.,

7) Portfolio Management with Opening Balance Entry, Capital Gains / Portfolio Balances, Sector/Industry-wise Portfolio with graph , Corporate Actions posting & Stock Quotes.

9) Demat / Stocks with Depository Participant Entry, Party Depository Details Entry, Demat Entry, Exec Date Entry, Manual Demat Reconciliation, Scrip Ledger, Party Ledger, Scrip Ledger – Clubbed, Print Demat Instructions, Print Beneficiary A/c Demat Instructions and many more.,
10) Investments with Fixed Deposits, NSC, LIC, IPO & Reminder

11) Utilities with User Management, Change Password, Backup & Restore database & change Investor.

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