Pelagian eDictionary Version : 2.7


This software is an electronic searchable Hindi-English and English-Hindi e-dictionary. Using this dictionary you no longer need to spend hours looking up a word. This is the most comprehensive, highly valued edition which is useful for Professionals, Industrialists, Computer Users, and Hindi – English Learners, Higher study Students and children. 


Features of the product:

  • Words described bilingually –English-Hindi and Hindi-English
  • More than 1, 20,000 Words Power with definition and synonyms
  • More than 20,000 Idioms, Phrases, Proverbs
  • Pronunciation in written and voice also
  • Search available from both language
  • First e-Dictionary of its kind
  • Used both of script : Devnagari Lipi and Roman Script
  • Search and Display available in both script Devnagari Lipi and Roman Script
  • User Friendly Interface

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