Pega CRM


Pega CRM offers industry-best CRM solutions. It offers agile customer relationship management and customer care software.


Introduction to Pega CRM

Powered by advanced artificial intelligence, pega CRM offering complete solution to top brands across the globe. It is enabling customer engagement with end-to-end automation. Come out of traditional customer relationship management tool and join powerful journey-enabled suite.

Features of Pega CRM

Sales Automation

  1. Discover hidden income with artificial intelligence
  2. Forecast where business is going with AI powered dashboards
  3. Proceed sales cycle with integrated efficiency tools including LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  4. Sell anywhere with mobile capabilities
  5. Speed up sales with Outlook™ calendar and email integration
  6. Open the power of intelligent guided sales

Marketing Automation

  1. Increase Value with Next Best Action Intelligence
  2. Your Always-On Brain The Customer Decision Hub
  3. Publicize smartly  with Paid Media Manager
  4. Conceptualize the Customer Journey
  5. Grow Engagement with Self-Optimizing Campaigns

Customer Service automation

  1. Real-time omni-channel Artificial intelligence
  2. Artificial intelligence guided interactions
  3. Powerful case management
  4. Mechanized desktop automation:A personal robot for every person
  5. Contextual digital self-service




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