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OpKey is the first automation framework to implement Business Process Testing (BPT) approach. BPT approach allows business analysts and functional testers to participate equally in automation thus ensuring all round participation. OpKey is also the first cloud compatible automation framework that allows you to create your test locally and then run the tests on cloud machines in a distributed manner, thus reducing the test automation time significantly.



  1. Tool agnostic: Create your script once and then run it with any of the automation tools such as Selenium, Web driver, QTP, RFT, Test Complete, Silk Test and more – supports more than 10 automation tools – helps you in seamless tool migration in future/li>
  2. BPT driven : Create your automation tests based on business process testing methodology
  3. Code less scripting : Create your test scripts without writing a single line of code using our advanced action driven scripting methodology (more than 400 keywords out of the box)
  4. Mobile automation support: Quickly build a powerful & flexible test for both native and web based mobile apps (iOS, Android and windows mobile) with a single automation script
  5. Cloud enabled: Create a test locally and run it on cloud (AWS, Rackspace and Go Grid), thus allowing you to run your tests faster and pay only for the minutes used
  6. Multi -browser Testing: Test your script with more than 150 combinations of browsers and platforms on our automation cloud
  7. CI Support : Integrate seamlessly with CI frameworks (Jenkins, Bamboo, Maven)
  8. ALM Integration : Integrate with ALM solutions like HP Quality Center and IBM Rational Quality Manager and defect management solutions (JIRA, Bugzilla and Mentis)


  1. Faster script creation using keyword driven interface – Up to 30% faster script creation than conventional automation approaches
  2. Save money by executing parallel runs on cloud – Pay only for cloud minutes
  3. Eliminate tool migration hassles – Tool agnostic automation is possible

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