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OnMobile delivers over 500 million music plays daily to mobile customers worldwide, recently creating a record of 210 billion music plays in a 12 month period. Based on current deployments, OnMobile has an addressable base of more than 1.5 billion mobile users across several geographies.



A wide range of local and international content

OnMobile’s extensive mix of local and international content represents a high-value proposition for carriers.

A secure billing system

We provide frictionless payment with direct carrier billing through a single click.

Effective content monetization

Our constantly updated mobile content library provides an additional source of income to carriers. The interest driven by our services increases operator revenue and improves their margins.

Traffic generator

OnMobile brings together multiple traffic sources to generate a better mix of traffic with the aim of diversifying profit sources.

Local teams across the globe

Clients have 24/7 access to a local team of experts dedicated to their specific needs.

Office Location – Bangalore

Soource : http://onmobile.com





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