Online Logistics Software


Online Logistics Software is useful for managing all kinds of records of transportation and logistics companies. This software helps to track consignment records from the time of making first record to final delivery to final destination. The user can manage all kinds of assets in the software such as trucks, containers and other vehicles. Also, the software can be used to generate bills for the customers as per the type of goods, distance covered including all other expenses. 


Key Features

  1. GR Records Entry
  2. Acknowledgement Records Entry for GR
  3. Container / Lorry Guidance Records
  4. Courier Records
  5. MIS Records Entry for GR
  6. Party-wise and Particulars-wise Rate Setting
  7. Day-wise Detention Rate Setting
  8. Party-wise Credit Period Setting
  9. GR Billing
  10. Bill Payment Records
  11. Ledger Records
  12. Truck/ Container/ Lorry Records
  13. Truck / Container/ Lorry Maintenance Records
  14. Truck / Container/ Lorry Branch-wise Transfer
  15. Truck/ Container/ Lorry Fitness Records
  16. Truck/ Container/ Lorry Fitness Reminders
  17. GR Records Entry
  18. Transport GR Billing