OnboardIQ hiring platform is used by the World’s Leading organizations. It is best Hiring Platform for Multi-Location Franchise and On-demand Marketplaces. Mobile Optimized.


Introduction to OnboardIQ Hiring Platform

OnboardIQ hiring software is built especially to helps address the challenges around high-volume, high-velocity, and high-turnover recruiting within retail, delivery, food, manufacturing, hospitality, etc.

Our Hiring Automation tool enables  the new service companies to  source, screen, hire and onboard approx 10 lacs talents every month. It is used by more than 50 countries to spare countless work-hours and communicate with over  10 million applicants. Our aim is to open chance for the new global workforce.

Key features of our hiring software

  1. One dashboard across all locations
  2. Control Hub
  3. Customizable Workflows
  4. Analytics Dashboard
  5. Mobile-first from start to finish
  6. Keep everyone on track
  7. Source More New Candidates, Faster
  8. Fountain Integrations