OmniDocs enterprise content management offers the flexibility to access or deliver content over cell and Cloud developing a incredibly connected and digital place of work. It offers a strong US DoD 5015.2 certified records management system to make certain compliance with regulatory requirements around management of data.


Document Management

OmniDocs Enterprise Content Management Software (ECM) captures, stores, manages and tracks electronic documents received through multiple sources. It enables effective life-cycle management of critical business content starting from their capture to disposition.

  1. Version controls, document check-in / check-out, collaborative authoring and metadata management.
  2. Easy document linking
  3. Performance tabs and intelligent audit trails
  4. User specific document views and annotation
  5. OmniVRS (Virtual Repository Services) to orchestrate multiple content repositories across enterprise to deliver context based content views
  6. Rich text and Semantic analytics based on native and third party integrations
  7. Interoperability supported by CMIS compliance
  8. E-signatures for digitally signing documents
  9. Simplified search with filters and sorting
  10. Enables storage, management and delivery of audio/video content