NSRV Service Provider Invoice Billing Software


Nandvarik Systems is Software company & Online store; Offers Service Billing, Restaurant POS, House Rent, Inventory Billing & Marketing Contacts softwares for Very Small businesses Since 1997.


NSrv 9.0 Service is Thin-n-Robust Software for Billing of Small Service area like Clinic, Watch, Tailor, Repair.


  1. FOR Very Small Parlour, Salon, Lab, Design etc
  2. IDEAL For Service-Based-Providers
  3. TOTAL 72 Features (Modules, 26 Reports, Options)
  4. LITE Installation; Installs in 2-3 Minutes
  5. Laptop/PC/Desktop/Windows Software
  6. Secure, Offline, Fast Transactions
  7. Queue Management, Service, Staff
  8. Add Orders & Generate Bills
  9. Billing-Board for Orders & Quotes
  10. Admin-Board for Details & Reports
  11. Customer, Supplier, Service, Staff
  12. Pay, Bill, Purchase, Accounting
  13. Sale & Purchase Trends of Service/Group
  14. Coupons, Tax Report, Balance-Sheet
  15. Reminder, Account, Group
  16. Preference, Options, Customization
  17. Save or Print or Email; Bills & Reports
  18. Service Software, Billing System, Provider App, Invoicing

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