MProfit is an excellent financial report solution provider. MProfit offers user friendly, secure, scalable tool for businesses. MProfit user interface is simple to understand and use. its accounting module is easy and less complex than other accounting packages.


Mprofit  Accounting & Portfolio Management

MProfit has presented Mprofit  Accounting & Portfolio Management module that flawlessly coordinates with the portfolio administration segment. Presently there is no compelling reason to keep up two exchanges, one of every a portfolio administration programming and one out of a different bookkeeping programming, with MProfit it’s currently streamlined.

  1. Incorporated accounting with programmed posting of passages from the portfolio administration module, for example, Dividend pay-out, Dividend reinvestment, Interest Income, capital increases and F&O benefit/misfortune.
  2. The Journal vouchers, installment and receipt vouches passages are auto-produced from stocks, common supports and F&O exchanges and posted in particular records in accounts.
  3. JVs from dealers contract notes and sections are posted in individual records, for example, specialist’s record, capital increases.
  4. Import your bank articulations to keep up your bank and money accounts.
  5. Straightforward Balance Sheet, Profit/Loss Statement and Trial Balance reports.




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