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App499 is a leading mobile application design and development company that offers mobile application design, development and maintenance. We offer Mobile App Development Services.


With over $25 million in revenues, mobile gaming market has become the most important digital platform for both game makers and publishers. It is one of the most popular mobile app categories. Mobile game development has become a lucrative buzz in the web market. With the recorded revenue of over USD $90 billion till the beginning of 2020, game development has set an indestructible foot in the market.

The records show that amongst the overall game development rate, 58% game development was focused on the PC and Mac game development and 38% of game development was centered on mobile game development. Regardless of the numbers, mobile game development services are on the hike in the business, for sure.

Our Services

  1. Android Development
  2. Blackberry Development
  3. iPhone Development
  4. Phonegap Development
  5. Facebook App Development
  6. HTML5 App Development
  7. Ipad App Development
  8. Tablet App Development
  9. Windows App Development
  10. Emoji App Development
  11. RFID Development
  12. Beacon Technology
  13. Raspberry Pi
  14. Switch Bot
  15. Flower Software
  16. Smart Pet Feeder



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