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mLiquidate utilizes an advanced 2D barcode technology that help enterprises seamlessly track key inventory, sales and liquidation data of a product in the distribution channel. With this critical information on inventory management at your fingertips, you can keep your sales representatives up-to-date and informed wherever they are.


Key Features

Advanced 2D barcode
The mPIN tracker with an advanced 2D barcode technology, is unique for each product and pack, and is provided in twos-one is placed inside the carton and the other is stuck on the outside of the carton.

Track movement with PDA device
The PDA device scans the movement of the product from the source point, to each touch points, that is, from the warehouse to the distributors, retailers and consumers.

Get complete liquidation data
The solution allows you to get complete liquidation data in real time. It gives you product wise, pack wise, retailer wise, distributor wise data and even data based on geography.

Track counterfeit products
The solution allows you to track counterfeit products, and based on the counterfeit reported, the actual product can be tracked and necessary action can be taken on time.

Loyalty programs
The solution allows you to build loyalty programs based on liquidation data.


  1. Get clear visibility of the inventory levels, to improve demand planning and forecasting of the right sized field inventory at all locations
  2. Gain insights on product acceptance, thereby deriving meaningful and timely product decisions
  3. Track product-level inventory, and gain access to exact locations of the product. This helps in effcient planning of field actions
  4. Identify counterfeit products at point of sale
  5. Helps build a robust intelligence system to forecast sales at every point of sale, enabling the production of optimum quality for the whole year at the production unit/factory
  6. Track and monitor sales and the performance of the sales force through mobile
  7. Design and execute customer loyalty programs based on liquidation data

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