Mindmill Accounting


Mindmill Accounting is a program based, easy to understand unified undeniable bookkeeping software that lets in a major business endeavor to direct its business venture with all its various interfacing associations alongside total MIS reports and interior administration apparatuses.


Mindmill Accounting Features

Mindmill Accounting is an in fact concentrated bookkeeping arrangement offered by Mindmill Software Limited. It utilizes the best in class innovation where the application keeps running in a program and the front end isn’t required to be stacked in every PC. It is an aftereffect of a few man decades of work by probably the most splendid personalities in the business including Computer Science engineers from IITs, MBA’s from IIMs, area specialists from the business and obviously our own past understanding of our prior bookkeeping programming items.

Accounting Software benefits

  1. Benefactor Related Features
  2. Cost Reduction Features
  3. Security Features
  4. Administration Features
  5. Accounting Features

End users benefits

  1. Full drill down programming, enables you to explore to the foundation of every section by tapping on it.
  2. Simple to utilize screens which require small looking all over and just pertinent fields are available
  3. Simplicity of Navigation through a left hand tree. A client can tap on a hub/sort a condensing and go to any screen instantly.
  4. Access to accounts in light of record number, account name, promoter name and number




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