Mentor ERP is top school management Software which offers centralized database. We have designed this software keeping in mind the need of academic institutes.


Introduction to Mentor ERP

Computerize everything with our custom Mentor ERP School Management Software. You are currently able to get to the information whenever from your gadget. We have built up the product, thinking about the requirements of every single scholarly foundation. That is the reason we have integrated each module, which is fundamental to a school management software.

Modules of Mentor ERP

  1. Communication : Offer Important Updates, News, Have One-to-One/Group correspondence with each Staff/Student
  2. Accounts and payments: From the month to month students fee to bank exchange everything is identified with finance. Our school account management module enables you in storing and managing payment information.
  3. Class Time Table : Make timetable for each class and section, and set the duration of lectures.
  4. Participation: An student must attempt to go to every one of their classes consistently. Utilize our product to record the yearly participation
  5. Examination : To orchestrate each examination, your school stays occupied.
  6. Transport Management: Our transport management software assists in monitoring the school vehicle name, transportation charge and the details of their route.