Medical Appointment Scheduling App


TiaCare is a medical appointment scheduling app by TiaTech Health Technologies Pvt Ltd. This is one of the best healthcare applications which can be updated by the patients as well as doctors.


TiaTech specializes in developing innovative, efficient and smart healthcare solutions. Our all-encompassing health management ecosystem has one simple mission: better care at a lower cost. Our suite of solutions are directed at simplifying patient-physician interactions within a cost-effective model. All TiaTech systems are interoperable and built to maximise efficiency, storing and sorting large volumes of data on secure HIPAA compliant cloud servers with in-built intelligent health exchange systems.

Our Services

  1. TiaNuMR
  2.  TiaTele Telemedicine
  3.  TiaCoder Virtual Coder
  4.  TiaMD
  5.  TiaCare Health Portal
  6.  ERP Features



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