MaxxERP has a very simple quotation & estimates generation system which is the need of every business today. MaxxERP helps you quickly close the deals and convert potential estimates to customers. An in-built follow up reminder system ensures you do not miss/delay even a single communication. With 1 click quotation revision feature, keep track of the complete chain of rates and terms revised linked with one another. 


Key Features

  1. Send quotes & estimates along with due dates and auto generate follow up reminders.
  2. Quick quotation copy option.
  3. One click quotation revision option.
  4. Option to convert partial/complete quotation to order/invoice in 1 click.
  5. Track pending quotation which is not converted to Order/Invoice yet.
  6. Quotes and estimates revision chain history tracking with different terms and rates.
  7. Quotation Rejection / Cancellation analysis Reports.
  8. On screen Alerts / SMS / Email reminder option for on-time follow ups.