MapInfo MapXtreme is a GIS software development kit for Microsoft .Net, providing support for embedding mapping and GIS capability into business applications. With it, developers can build custom mapping and spatially enabled applications.


Rich GIS functionality

  1. Embed map visualisation and analysis in business applications
  2. Multiple ready to use map tools including pan, zoom, centre map, selections and more
  3. Manage data using Read/Write Feature data access using MI SQL (SQL 92 MM)
  4. Deliver geometry processing and measurements
  5. Manipulate and analyse raster and grid data including reprojection, interpolations, inflection points and hill shade support
  6. Consume interoperable OGC WMS & WFS services using MapXtreme for .Net OGC clients
  7. Ready-to-use controls including map, layer, legend, table info and more

Strong Microsoft .Net alignment

  1. 100% .Net Object Model
  2. Support for WinForms and WPF integration
  3. Visual GIS functionality available as ready-to-use Windows Controls
  4. Support for spatial data access in familiar ADO.Net

Rapid .Net development

  1. Full integration with Visual Studio.NET development environment
  2. Visual development with design time support enabling rapid application development
  3. Pre-defined map templates and sample applications to facilitate rapid application development
  4. Use any .NET language of choice making efficient use of your organization’s IT skills
  5. Full documentation and sample code for C# and VB.Net

Single SDK for desktop and server

  1. Consistent desktop and server web development experience
  2. Common engine for desktop and server editions
  3. Single SDK product for the development of both web and desktop applications
  4. Efficient sharing and re-use of code and knowledge between deployment types