When quality systems are first introduced many companies struggle with the sheer amount of paperwork involved to setup and maintain compliance. Such confusion leads to non-conformances, process slip-ups and the use of incorrect policies, procedures and forms.


Key Features

  1. Say it, do it, and then prove it
  2. Record your policies, procedures and forms – and link to them from any other module
  3. Monitor the effectiveness of your quality system in real time
  4. Increase employee participation through an extremely user friendly interface
  5. Save time and money by cutting down on paperwork and duplicates
  6. Help your employees understand Quality
  7. Enables your employees to be active in your quality system
  8. Record training records, licences and certifications and create automated events to remind you when they’re up for renewal
  9. Conduct real time non-conformance investigations from anywhere in the world
  10. Let your employees enter risks and improvements on the fly




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