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Based upon collected knowledge of the Logistics and Transport Industry, we have leveraged it to develop an Online Logistic application that helps your Organization to run more proficiently and effectively. We have designed a web-based Online Logistic Application that help you to execute regular business functions in a more efficient level and supplement in increasing revenue from sales and services, including Customer Satisfaction Index and Service Satisfaction Index. 



  • Dedicated Dashboard: Our Application comes with a dedicated dashboard with all the info of vehicle. The information, right from the total number, how many are in yard, how many are dispatched and delivered can be procured with just a click. Along with the vehicle info, the direct info of the driver can be located too. All this can be seen with a graphical representation, thus giving you all the info in a single glance.
  • Depot Information: Under the Depot section you can go through all the information about the entire Depot, right from the email, city, distance, fairs, wages etc.
  • Info on click: With our dedicated Masters dropdown, you can directly take the printout of the billing, can import the bill as Excel, and can go through the expenses. The feature also gives you the complete information about the vehicle dispatched. This includes the model, remark and type of the vehicle.
  • Complete Driver and Vehicle Information: With the dedicated dropdown for Driver and Vehicle, the Transportation Application gives you options to instantly take out all the information related to vehicle and driver. The info about the driver, right from the photograph to his driving licence is stored neatly.
  • Reports: With our reports section, you can directly take out printouts of the reports or can download them in Excel format. The reports are stored date wise along with the info number, so that they can be downloaded anytime for future references.
  • Efficient and Easy User Management: Our Logistic Application is easy to use and is cheap to run and maintain. It is designed to make your work easy. With very simple yet efficient design, Fast and Easy User Interface, it makes your work effective.

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