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We build, incredibly simple and powerful CRM Software for businesses worldwide. Not only is it built on a rock-solid, time tested LAMP foundation that provides unparalleled stability, it also delivers incredible performance, stunning navigation, and industry-leading support.


Key Modules 

Sales Target Module

  • Set, track and monitor sales targets for your business and sales people respectively.
  • Get a finer view of your financial progress.
  • Monitor & administer the sales performance of your business and sales team members.

Things that you can do in sales target module.

  • You can set sales targets revenue-wise for any desired duration by filling in the current form fields.
  • You can set sales person wise targets for any duration.
  • You can get visual updates of the targets achieved & pending with the exact number of days to go for tenure completion.
  • You can edit & delete a respective sales target in the Revenue-wise Sales Target & Sales Person Wise Sales Target modules.

Lead Module

  • Feed-in multiple leads.
  • Know the status of each lead follow-up and prioritize leads to win deals quicker.
  • Categorize and assign leads as per your choice.

Follow-up Module

  • Make follow-up calls, emails, sms and meetings with leads.
  • Schedule follow-up calls, emails, sms and meetings with leads.
  • Set reminders for follow-ups, calls and meetings.

Product / Services Module

  • Feed-in details of multiple products & manage them easily.
  • Add specifications, selling rates & additional charges.
  • Get a real time view of their sales / consignment orders.

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