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Kofax TotalAgility® is an advanced technology that significantly improves the First Mile™ of business, quickening high-esteem client excursions to a positive result. TotalAgility proficiently connects with clients, accomplices and all other individuals and frameworks important, conveying more an incentive at basic touchpoints all through the client travel.


Kofax TatalAgility offers Complete BPM & Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Kofax TotalAgility empowers the change from physical to advanced communications in any key business process. By conveying completely computerized client engagement collaborations whenever, on any gadget, from for all intents and purposes anyplace, TotalAgility quickens business forms, cuts expenses and expands consumer loyalty.

Streamline Decision Making

Kofax TotalAgility upgrades the association between frameworks of engagement and frameworks of record as data gathered from the client or provider, outsider administrations, and inside frameworks can be “straight-through” prepared precisely and consequently, or introduced to information specialists in an incorporated approach to streamline human basic leadership.

Facilitate Mobile Applications

TotalAgility connects with clients and others on their cell phones. TotalAgility gives mobiles something to do for data catch, process status, affirmations, undertaking execution, endorsements, exemption resolutions, getting trailing archives, and any basic communication.

Insightful Business Intelligence and Actionable Analytics

TotalAgility use the power of Kofax Insight™ to give real time content and process information for speedier, more informed decisions and quicker process improvement. It enables specialists to quickly change an in-flight process without IT help, for better, quicker administration.

Digital Transaction Management

TotalAgility use Kofax SignDoc® to expel the requirement for “wet marks” – diminishing inertness in signature-subordinate business forms while keeping up consistence to control and methodology.

Off-the-Shelf Flexible Integration

TotalAgility offers an assortment of pre-assembled connector and web administrations, which enable clients to quicken the execution of their answer and to use and broaden their current programming resources. It likewise uses the Robotic Process Automation energy of Kofax Kapow™ to consequently snatch data from sites, entryways and other difficult to achieve information sources into your business procedure when you require it. This wipes out the general population serious, manual reconciliation still set up in numerous associations.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

TotalAgility expands the productivity and responsiveness of data escalated business process. It gives unmistakable mix of abilities that remarkably are pre-coordinated so our clients convey better encounters to their clients while decreasing their expenses of operation and separating themselves from contenders. With TotalAgility, associations react quicker to clients, increment representative efficiency for more lithe, adaptable and focused situations.

A Versatile Platform

TotalAgility provides a uniquely comprehensive set of capabilities in a modern, open architecture, allowing customers to benefit from the platform at a pace that meets their need and via solutions that comfortably sit alongside existing technology investments.

Optimize the Customer Experience

By conveying responsive, dynamic business process that amplify self-benefit models, Kofax TotalAgility enhances responsiveness and improves client experience and engagement.

Provide Mobile Access

Kofax TotalAgility expands shrewd process communications, HTML 5 interfaces and data catch abilities to any cell phone, to enhance joint effort and decrease time and cost from data serious business forms.

Integrate With Any System

By coordinating effortlessly with existing frameworks of record, TotalAgility conveys better First Mile forms without the requirement for work and cost-serious adjustments to inheritance applications.

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