KeyByss e-mail


Bulk e-mail sending software is completely online software for sending emails in bulk by normal text or fully HTML (Graphical) emails.


Key Features

  1. Send e-mails in bulk
  2. Normal Text or HTML i.e. Graphical email
  3. Unlimited Groups can be created.
  4. Templates system is provided for creating graphical emails.
  5. Preview of emails is given in the software.
  6. Editing of any groups, names etc. is possible.
  7. Un-subscription link can be sent in email.
  8. No Specific PC Installation as software is completely online.
  9. Only in ‘TO’ not in ‘CC’ or ‘BCC’.
  10. Fastest sending tool optimum time 10 minutes = 10000 delivered emails.
  11. Data Import and Export is possible.
  12. Full setting of the software is from client side
  13. Even can be used as Newsletter system.
  14. History of sending emails can be maintained with Direct Resend Facility.
  15. Email Verification to Avoid Spam Mails
  16. Online Status for Sending emails
  17. Manage Security Settings
  18. Scheduler Facility is Available.
  19. Email Sending Reports
  20. Full safety for Database