KENAssets™ provides your business a plethora of solutions, related to monitoring and maintaining assets of value to an entity or group – be it tangible or intangible assets. It is a cloud based system which helps in tracking, lifecycle management, reporting and alerting of assets to any organization. It adds control over all assets of an enterprise, making it less expensive and more secured, thereby helping an organization realize value from those by minimizing their life cost.


KENAsset™ is a complete pack of most accommodating and supportive inventory management tools, especially designed to facilitate enterprises to save time and increase productivity by successfully reducing product wastage and cost. Its work modules helps business enterprises to manage their asset department more effectively by detracting unnecessary expenses and risks.

Key Features

  1. Procurement Management
  2. Implementation/Assignment Management
  3. Maintenance/Renewal Management
  4. Inventory Management
  5. Inventory Disposal Management
  6. Inventory Lifecycle Management
  7. Service Management